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Franziska Fieke

// Development is passion and passion is what makes life a poetry.

I am Fran, a software engineer from Germany focussing on web and frontend development.

Franziska Fieke

I develop with and on the web for a living and - hell, I love what I do. Although I am always interested in learning new (web) technologies, my main focus lies on creating and enhancing applications with ReactJS.

My main driver is not only to deliver readable and working code that create shiny websites and applications:
as a frontend engineer I understand myself as an information enabler that, next to all visual and functional excellence, need to care as well about the so-called aesthetics of the invisible to provide an accessible and easy-to-use experience for all kinds of people.

In my free time I build stuff with non-tech and tech hardware, enjoy what nature is teaching us and try to befriend a squirrel.

// Tech Stack.

In the engineering world there is no one-stack-fits-all solution. A bridge in Rome has to withstand other loads than a bridge in Alaska - it is similar with software engineering. Every project has different needs based on which the engineer should decide wisely how he will meet them in order to deliver a high-quality, maintainable and sustainable code. Some hints on my (not-only) frontend stack experience:

  • Languages: Javascript/TypeScript, (HTML, CSS)
  • In-depth: React, NextJS, NodeJS
  • Responsive and cross-platform functionality
  • Various UI Frameworks like Material UI, Semantic UI, Theme-UI...
  • Multi-theming enablement
  • Internationalization and localization
  • State management: Redux, Redux-Saga
  • Data visualization with e.g. recharts, plotly
  • Testing: Cypress, Jest
  • Backend communication via REST API, websockets
  • Other: Github, Docker, CI/CD, Django, Python

// Service & offer.

Web audit

I am happy to have a look at your current web site or application to see whether and which kind of improvements and fixes would make sense for you. Main part of this analysis will be the identification of issues in terms of functionality, performance, accessibility, SEO and best practices.

Responsive web and feature development

Having your frontend based on a strong foundation of HTML, CSS and Javascript is key for an optimal user experience and, therefore, for achieving your business goals. If you have a design in mind or place, let's have a talk and find out whether I can help you in writing a cross-platform enabled frontend interface.

Looking for frontend engineers?

If you are currently building up your team and looking for (ReactJS) frontend engineers, I can assist you with creating and review code challenges to find fitting candidates for your company.

// Experience.

I am currently working as full-time frontend engineer at a Berlin based company builder. In the past years I build up a strong knowledge in working on (mostly b2b) applications in various fields with cross-functional and world-wide acting teams.
Next to that I participated in a mentorship program in which I conducted junior developers and career changers on their way to become a professional frontend engineer.


  • vulpis web development logo in green circle
    The social media image generator showcased on laptop, mobile and tablet view.
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    Junger DBSH: Social media image generator

    A web based image creator that lets the user design and download CI conform images for the usage on social media platforms like Instagram.

    Material UI
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    eco₂rd browser extension (open source)

    eco₂rd is a browser extension that aims to help you measuring and understanding your digital browser traffic based footprint.

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    Bulma CSS
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    Rational Decision: A decision helper

    Make decisions with confidence. Rational decision guides you through a rational based decision making process. (Collaborative project - In progress).

    Code icon Github

    Material UI
    Github Actions

// Contact.

I am currently open for freelance work.
In case you are working for a nonprofit organization or have something in mind to make this planet a better place to live on, please do not hesitate to tell me about your idea - I am always happy to support projects with a social, public or environmental impact. Even though you do not need my support, let me tell you: keep it rollin'! The world needs people like you.

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